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Santander Bank Checking Account Promotion: $150 Bonus

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Best 10 Loan Calculator Apps Find handy loan calculator tools to help you save, budget, invest and borrow money. This account is used for the transactions of your time deposits. From your Clearing Account, you can only transfer money to an external Reference Account. The Clearing Account is free of charge. If the verification cannot be done in a branch, there is the possibility to conduct it over the post via Post-Ident. You need to specify your Reference Account number when you open your Clearing Account. Then it will be deposited for you. Transfers are only made onto the Reference Account and are also free of charge.

The Clearing Account does not accumulate any interest as it only serves for handling the transactions. With it, you benefit from the attractive interest rates of DenizBank and the daily accessibility of your deposits.

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You can find the current interest rate of the Daily Due Deposit Account in the list of fees. As soon as you have transferred your money to a Clearing Account, you can inform us in writing that you would like to apply to open a Daily Due Deposit Account and let us know how much you would like to invest. If you already have a Daily Due Deposit Account, the desired deposit amount can be transferred there to this account. You can only make transfers to your Reference Account.

A transfer to other external banks is not possible without a change in the Reference Account.

On A specific amount minimum amount 1. At maturity the interest will be credited to your account. The accumulated interest will be deposited to your Time Deposit Account at maturity at the end of the term. It should also be noted that you must specify the agreements at the end of term. The choices are:. In principle, at the end of your term, your Time Deposit is transferred to your Payment Account together with the interests. In the case of "re-investment of your interest and capital" the interest and capital that you are entitled to is invested for the same term with the currently applicable interest rate to maturity again.

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In the case of "re-investment of your capital" the interest you are entitled to is transferred to your Payment Account whereas your capital is re-invested for the same term with the current applicable interest rate. Online Deposits, Transfer. Please give us your e-mail address and your concern and press the "Start VideoChat" button.

You will be connected to a DenizBank employee in a few seconds. Toggle navigation. Classic Savings In order to open an account, verification of identity is required by law.

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The choices are: Payment at maturity The amount will be transferred to your Payment Account at maturity Re-invest of interests and capital The interests and capital will be reinvested for the same term with the interest rate applicable at the time of maturity. Reinvest your capital The capital will be reinvested for the same term with the interest rate applicable at the time of maturity.

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The interests will be transferred to your Payment Account. If you are not interested in a re-investment, your will need to notify us in writing. The agreed interest rate of a Time Deposit is guaranteed for the duration of the term. An early cancelation of Time Deposit Account before maturity is excluded for both sides. In the case of early termination, the interest rate is reduced retroactively to 0. Branch Finder.